Friday, October 17, 2008

"Yaadein" a Bollywood Treat

Back in 2001 an Indian friend (who had to leave the country after 9-11 when his work visa was not renewed) lent me the movie Yaadein ("Memories"). I had told him I was interested in hearing some classical Indian music. He suggested I watch this Bollywood movie with its pop music. The movie was nothing high-brow; a soap opera plot, 1970's disco attire, boy-band performances, Busby Berekely for the Twenty-First Century. But the sense of life was positive, the music catchy, and the spice exotic from a Western viewpoint. The story was forgettable, just a vehicle for the music. I am sure there must be better movies than Yaadein, but you'd have to ask a Hindi speaker.

Here you can listen to "Jub Dil Miley, Tub Gul Khiley." (I am pretty sure it means "When the heart is sweet the rose blooms.")

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Mike Erickson said...

I found this fascinating and delightful. I showed my Indian friend at work Jay this and he was delighted too! He said "Jub Dil Miley, Tub Gil Khiley" means "When hearts come together, flowers bloom". Or very nearly that. He knew the female singer very well and immediately drew a family tree. She is the fourth generation of her family in that business, he named about a dozen of them! He said every one works one side or the other of the camera in some capacity or another. I got the impression that it gives great credibility in India to be related to someone famous in a profession if you have ambitions in that same profession. I loved the fluidity of movement of the dancers. Thank you Ted.