Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cousins (1989)

I absolutely hate this kind of formulaic love triangle movie. I rented it only because I find Isabella Rossellini irresistable. But I actually ended up really enjoying it. Unfortunately, Sean Young, whom I also enjoy, seemed over-medicated. But the characters were largely sympathetic, the one-offs and running gags were funny, the photography was quite good, and the story was engaging enough that I might have enjoyed it even if it hadn't starred Ingrid Bergman's daughter.

Given the subject matter it was a really wholesome movie, with only one gratuitous scene, the son Mitch's movie project, which is brief and serves a point. It's not a movie I would watch a second time. But if you are a fan of Rossellini or liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding this is worth checking out. By the way, if you keep wondering where it was filmed, the sets were located in and around Vancouver, Canada.

Based on the French film Cousin, Cousine, stars Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini, Lloyd Bridges, Sean Young, Joel Schumacher Director, 1989, 113 Minutes.