Monday, October 20, 2008

Natalie Merchant "Kind and Generous"

This song makes me think of purple and gold Christmas decorations, a long day at the beach, the slightly drunk feeling of being pleasantly tired from a full day of well-earned fun, a cool car-window breeze, fresh-from-the-oven pecan pie, a walk in the pine barrens, and a sunset of sky-blue pink. This song is glowing benevolence riding the rich vehicle of the voice of Natalie Merchant


Mike Erickson said...

I watched this one several times. Love the song and Natalie Merchants' voice. Luscious. The video reminded me of when I went with a friend to see Barnum & Bailey Circus in their winter quarters in Venice Fl. He had a civilian friend going to the "Clown College" there. So much fun. I haven't thought about that for such a long time. Thanks very much Ted.

Ted Keer said...

Thanks Mike. It's neat how songs will evoke memories, sometimes related to when you first heard the song, or other times to something that matches the theeme of the song. And yes, Natalie's voice is incredible, better, I think, than Judy Garland, whom she resembles. This song can bring tears to my eyes, the melody, voice and lyrics together work magic, so I'm glad that others enjoy it.

Mike Erickson said...

Not sure why the link doesn't work anymore. Youtube has it: