Friday, December 19, 2008

Time Machine "The Big Unlove Era"

The rock band Time Machine (Машина времени, Mashina Vremeni) is considered, acording to Wikipedia, one of the "patriarchs" of Russian rock 'n' roll. Influenced by the Beatles, the group has been around since the late Sixties, with founder Andrei Makarevich as the frontman and lead singer. Their style has varied from rock and folk to blues and Eastern influences. I am no expert in Russian rock or Mashina Vremeni in particular. When I first heard their 1999 album, Hours and Signs (Часы и Знаки, Chasy i Znaki) the cynical and sophisticated hit "Big Unlove Era" (Эпоха большой нелюбви, Epokha Bolshoi Neljubvi) made an impression on me. With its funky base line and horns it sounds like the product of a cross between Pink Floyd and a big band from the swing era. I wouldn't venture a translation, although the line "A ja ne klient, a brat" means "I'm a brother, not a customer." The video will give you some hint of the theme.

(Click Эпоха большой нелюбви to find the video in case of a broken link.)

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