Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Enjoy Ralph Peters "In Depth" on Book TV

Listen to the joyful, enthusiastic, pro-American writer Ralph Peters on CSPAN2 here. Banned from the Bush White House, called a Nazi by the Left, Peters talks about Iraq, his writing, education, and a whole slew of topics which he approaches in a positive pro-human way. Peters is a dynamic, off-the cuff speaker who maintains passion, clarity and principle while he talks. Like a less butch but no less eager Camille Paglia, he is a caffeinated pleasure. "Contrary to Neil Young, the Aztecs were not flower children." "War is about killing. Killing people. Not about making friends - with bullets." He uses analogies from physics and the accidents of colonial borders to explain terrorism, not as a cause, but as a sign of failure. He rattles off tribal names from Nigeria to Waziristan and he drops allusions from Hannah Arendt to William James like a day trader dropping bad stocks. Listen to him and enjoy.

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