Sunday, August 17, 2008

25 Journeys with Christopher Hitchens

Ralph Peters echoes Ayn Rand in advising that if you want to write, you have to read. His first suggestion is that you read Christopher Hitchens. If you'd like to read some polished literary gems, the L.A. Times has just opened up its treasury of 25 Hitchens articles from before and after 9-11 for public viewing. Topics range from Auden, Orwell and Horowitz to David Irving and the death penalty - these last two not in the same article. Read a particularly wide-ranging and informative article on the holocaust denier in The Strange Case of David Irving. Hitchens talks about the Hitler Diaries, the Nuremberg trials, and the concepts of academic negligence and evidence against interest. Like Rand, he ranges over a wide variety of subjects, not to demonstrate his own brilliance or to intimidate the reader but to show an integrated view of the life of the mind. After you enjoy this tour, travel with Hitchens on 24 other journeys here.

For an index of most of Hitchens' articles and appearances available on the web, check out


Alvin Saldanha said...

Thank You so very much for the link to the LA articles. Hitchens has more fans in India than he realises. As will you too, if I ahve any say in it. :)

Ted Keer said...

Thanks, Alvin. You should check out one of my favorite websites,, which lists most of Hitch's stuff available on the web.