Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Otters Holding Hands

Captain and Tennille had a hit in the 1970's with Musk Rat Love. But how about this video of otters dating?

Here's the 1976 hit:

Married in 1975 and still a couple, The Captain and Tennille have proved the truth of their 1975 #1 single:


Anonymous said...

This delighted me. I always liked their songs. I met them at their house in 1977 when I was on a call repairing their security system. I didn't know who they were at first, when I figured it out I stammered "you're the Captain and Tennile!!" They were very nice, talked to me about their songs for awhile and gave me an autographed picture. Neat video of the muskrats. Thanks Ted.

Ted Keer said...

Thanks, anonymous! I came across that video of the otters by chance on YouTube, and it immediately reminded me of Captain and Tennille, whom I had't thought of in years. It is wonderful when little connections like that recall some past joy - and even more wonderful to be able to spread that joy.